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Which of the Presidential Candidates is better in bed?

Bedroom performance is a private matter but nevertheless one of significant interest to voters in the upcoming Presidential Election. Onlookers also wonder which of the candidates would most suit them in their fantasy bedroom scenarios but like us they are too embarrassed to admit to doing so and have little opportunity to ask questions. Members of the press are not permitted to ask questions pertaining to candidates' sex lives either. Thankfully, you don't have to admit to such fantasies or to wanting to know about these things because the ancient Science of Astrology casts some light on the questions we all want answered and on which candidate would make the better, next President of the US of A.

How can Astrology tell us which Candidate is better in bed?

A person's bedroom performance is indicated by the position of Mars in her or his Natal Horoscope. Astrology instructs us that, if you want the master or mistress in the bedroom performance category, seek a native with their Mars firmly in Aries. Wow! They win Awards! No surprise that these natives give us the expressions "going like a train" and "many swallows a summer makes". Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you are and the way in which you look at these things) neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have their Mars in Aries.

Barack's Bedtime Performance

Barack's Mars (if my source is correct and I believe it is) is 12 degrees Virgo. This is not going to set the world on fire or make the earth move – but it does suggest hygiene and slow but sure and, quite frankly, I know many who'd settle for that. This Mars position would very much suit a US President. Voters could rest assured that Barack wouldn't cut short an important debate or postpone an imperative decision to get off home for a blowie.

McCain's Bedroom Show

Conversely, John has his Mars in show-off, big-head Leo (12 degrees). Astrology is not an exact Science but men with this position often seem prone to "bedroom exhibitionism" (including dressing up and role play) and, in extreme cases, become obsesso-shananiganus or obsessed with shenanigans. So, this Mars position might not suit a US President. Voters could not rest assured that a man with his Aries in Leo's would have his mind rooted firmly in the subject under debate or on the crucial decision in hand.

Which Candidate would be the better President?

Based on the extensive astrological and scientific research carried out for the production of this article Barack Obama would make the best, next President of the US of A.

Mitt Romney in Bed

Coming Soon!  An analysis of Mitt Romney!  Early results suggest he's a bit of a damp squib in this department but the comprehensive analysis is still being processed... CHECK BACK SOON!

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