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men born on or between
20 February and 20 March

It is Monday 20 February 2012 and we are restarting our efforts with this website. We are redoubling our efforts to HELP the partners, ex partners and prospective partners of Pisces men. We have already published the article The Perfect Place for a Pisces Man in which a picture educates the world on what a Pisces man aspires to and (even) needs to survive. We have also updated and greatly improved Are Pisces Men Attractive? We have plans to make hay while the sun shines (so to speak) as we will be devoting more time to HELP with Pisces Men! while the Sun transits the Pisces sector of the zodiac.


The problems (note the use of the plural form of the noun) with Pisces men start when he turns and goes with the flow. Nobody wants a Pisces man who goes with the flow because the flow only stops when it reaches disaster. If you are in a relationship with a badly raised Pisces man (think farmed fish as opposed to the wild living/well raised fish) you will need (note the use of the word "need" as opposed to "want") HELP with Pisces Men! You see, the thing is, if you can get with a Pisces man who makes the effort ans swims upstream you will have an eventful and satisfying relationship. The alternative is totally and utterly crap so learn how to turn them or leave them to go down their self made toilets.