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men born on or between
23 November and 21 December

Half man, half horse and carrying a bow and arrow... You have to admit this sounds a tad weird. If you are in a relationship with one you'll no doubt know that Sagittarius man is totally weird - but weird in a good way or weird in a bad way? Are there problems inherent when in a relationship with a Sagittarius man? Does Sagittarius man make a good boyfriend, partner, husband and/or father? If we could generalize about Sagittarius men we could answer all these questions but we can't. That's why we are not ashamed to ask for the input of partners (no matter what their status) of Sagittarius men) and the men themselves. HELP with Sagittarius Men! aims to grow into the best Astrological guide for the partners of Sagittarius men and our Astrologers are getting ready to react to the help asked for...